Wish List

Scott Hamilton of 'Lynn's Creek', Condamine, Qld/3,300 hectares of wheat, sorghum and oats: the 'impossible dream' — a wheat variety resistant to rust and tolerant of late frosts.

Andrew Langfield of 'Heltana', Spring Ridge, NSW/600 hectares of wheat and sorghum: wheats resistant to crown rot and grain that doesn't shell out in the wind.

Bruce Wilson of 'Murdeduke Estate', Winchelsea, Vic/1,100 hectares of wheat, barley, triticale, canola and field peas: work on drainage problems, wheat varieties for high rainfall areas.

Geoff Nalder of 'Mirrartlbeena', Swan Hill, Vic/2,000 hectares of wheat barley, triticale, vetch, field peas and chick peas: a legume suited to the drier Mallee, and continuing work on CCN resistance.

Ron Greentrec of 'OreoP', Rowena, NSW/ 32,000 hectares of wheat, barley and faba beans: crown rot, crown rot and crown rot, please!

Colin Pearse of 'Hillside Farm*, Meckering, WA/1,200 hectares of wheat, barley, lupins, canola: wheat varieties with higher protein and greater tolerance to disease and herbicides.

David Clapham of 'Sunrise", Jimbour, Qld/ 350 hectares of wheat, sunflower, chickpeas and soybeans: new varieties, especially nematode-resistant wheats.