It Pays To Advertise

Photo of a display set

The Victorian Department of Agriculture has produced a new range of its highly successful grain legume promotion kits as an aid to overseas marketing.

Marketers rushed the first kits, produced in 1988, exhausting the small stocks produced at that time. The Department is now about to distribute a new, larger version of the kit.

Jan Mahoney, of the Victorian Institute for Dryland Agriculture, is responsible for the kits. She said they will carry a wider display in a revised format.

Distribution this time will be more highly targeted, and will include the Middle East, Germany, UK, India, Pakistan and probably the United States.

Austrade, the Australian Wheat Board and private traders use the kits in their overseas promotions.

"This time the kits contain samples of a number of new varieties, some of them not yet available commercially," Dr Mahoney said.

The new kits cover all Australian grain legumes. They include field peas, chickpeas, lupins, lentils, faba beans and mung beans, split where appropriate.