Pea Weevil control in WA

Photo of a Pea Weevil

It is possible to produce export quality seed in areas of high weevil population.

The WA Department of Agriculture research project on pea weevil control funded by growers through the GRDC has identified the most effective chemicals for control of both pea weevil and native budworm and the most efficient rates of application for local conditions.

Two or more sprays are recommended in areas of high weevil population. These may be border or full crop sprays, depending on the weevil population density and distribution. A single border spray is often adequate in areas with low weevil populations.

Application equipment

A boomspray, mister and aircraft were compared with a specially constructed boomspray mounted with controlled drop application units (CDA). The boomspray and CDA combination was superior and gave more consistent results than cither mister or aircraft

Other aspects of the research examined fumigation of on-farm pea storages and observations of pea weevil ecology.

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