Peanuts New Cultivar Ups Yield

A cultivar released from the Queensland Department of Primary Industries Kingaroy Research Station yields 20 per cent more than Virginia Bunch.

The cultivar is NC 7 (from North Carolina) and was released in 1990. Growers Who tried NC 7 in 1990-91 were impressed by its yield and the variety received very good publicity. It has better kernel grades than previous cultivars.

Even better lines are not far back in the Research Station's breeding 'pipeline'. Some of these are resistant to cylindrocladium black rot.

Eighty per cent of current peanut production is from cultivars of the Virginia type, characterised by later maturity, large kernel and dormant seed. The remainder comes from Spanish type, which is earlier, has a small kernel, lower yield potential and non-dormant seed.

A major focus of the Research Station's current project is to develop an early maturing peanut with more marketable kernel traits through crosses between the Spanish and Virginia types.

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