SA peas are winners Update National Field Peas Breeding Project

Australian pea growers can look forward to a new white pea variety promising five per cent greater yield than any current commercial line.

Dr Mushraf Ali with South Australia's Northfield Research Laboratories said the as yet unnamed variety should be released commercially next year. Dr Ali said yield evaluation trials across the four southern states have confirmed the cultivar's yield and adaptability.

The SA Department of Primary Industries runs the long-running breeding project, which has produced the cultivars Alma, Wirrega and Maitland. More recently the same project, under Dr Ali, has identified good breeding lines with resistance to blight, charcoal rot, powdery mildew, downy mildew and septoria.

The resistant lines are mostly not yet of commercial quality. Dr Ali will next seek to incorporate the resistance traits into peas with good commercial characteristics. The project is also targeting increased nodulation, a better root system and frost tolerance.

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