Training for Tomorrow's Scientists

Andrew Ross removes Arabic Oat bread from a test oven at the Bread Research Institute. Mr Ross. is studying the effect of interactions between starch and protein on bread quality. Institutions: University of New South Wales and  the Bread Research Institute 01' Australia.

The GRDC contributes to the postgraduate training of the next-generation of research workers by sponsoring Junior Research Fellowships for 15-20 PhD students. About eight new Fellowships are granted each year.

Wendy Odgers reads UNA sequences in a study of the way in which juvenile growth hormone controls the action of genes. The project is expected to improve understanding of insecticides that work by interfering with the action of juvenile growth hormone. Institutions: Australian National University and the CSIRO Division of EntomologyKristy Howard harvests barley heads from a trial at the Victorian Institute for Dryland Agriculture at Horsham. Ms Howard is following the accumulation of a protein known as D hordein during grain development, to discover its influence on malting quality. Institution: University of Melbourne.Peter Williamson checks the condition of narrow-leafed lupin seedlings during a study of the mechanisms of resistance by lupins to infection by the phomopsis fungus. The fungus produces the toxin that causes lupinosis in grazing livestock. Institution: University of Western Australia.