25 research programs working for you

Grain industry research

Grains industry research has become higfily targeted over the past five years with the GRDC's research investments focused through 25 program teams (see right).

In this issue of Ground Cover we are pleased to spotlight the Market Research Program. In our pages you will also find some of the results of this research orientation - for instance turn to our food products focus pp10, 11.

The program focuses research on market supply, demand, products, market share, competition and marketing arrangements in the context of domestic and global agricultural trade developments.

An example of this work is investment supporting ACIAR to analyse the capacity for China's domestic grain production to respond to agricultural policy reforms in that country and to consider the implications for world trade and trade with Australia.

Feed grains have been another major research area focusing on new market expansion and enhanced competitiveness.

well, research and education on grain nutrition are important components of this program. Food safety and quality assurance are becoming increasingly important components of the program.

Research on grain nutrition is providing consumers with positive information on the value of grain-based products. The team leader of the GRDC's Market Research

Program is Victorian grain grower Russell Hilton.

Contact: Dr Mike Taverner 06 248 0364 Mr Russell Hilton 03 5081 6261