Central Queensland: working together for profitability

Farmers and scientists are working closely together in Central Queensland to establish regionally focused farming systems projects.

Growers through the GRDC are investing $600,000 each year for five years in a coordinated quest for cropping practices in Central Queensland that will yield profit in the long term with particular emphasis on the profitable integration of beef and cropping enterprises in ley farming systems. Similar programs are underway in the south and east of the northern grains region.

Queensland Department of Primary Industries Emerald District Agronomist John Doughton said the project focus is on developing farming systems for different areas, based on farmer groups, beginning with probably seven this year and expanding to around 10 within 18 months.

"We believe it will be quicker to go through the processes of research and development together and there will not be any need for extension within groups because all the work will be with farmers anyway," Mr Doughton said.

"It is not going to be a closed society, though. There will be plenty of field days and farm walks once we feel we are starting to develop some answers."

Subprogram 3.5.1 Contact: Mr John Doughton 079 82 8800

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