Flour wasn't grown in the supermarket

The Workboot Series - Wheat Resource Kit for schools, supported by growers through the GRDC, is the latest educational tool in the Kondinin Group's award-winning Workboot Series and complements the very successful Workboot Series - Wheat book released in 1994.

The wheat resource kit is written with practical information from farmers, children and educational specialists. Included are lesson notes packed with hands-on activities and real-life learning experiences that are challenging and fun. Beautifully illustrated activity pages can be used by teachers as class worksheets.

The kit also includes a copy of the Workboot Series - Wheat book and samples of wheat which allow the children, especially those from urban centres, their first chance actually to feel the raw product and use it in experiments.

"The Kondinin Group is now challenging the rural community to become involved in this positive project by promoting the Workboot Series - Wheat Resource Kit in schools," coordinator Nicol Taylor said.