Grains Industry Achievers

Several major awards will be offered by the Australian grains industry in 1997 and 1998. Awards are being presented to legume innovators, canola producers and others. Two national award series covered here are:

  • TOPCROP Australia Awards - national and regional.
  • Golden Grower Competition - national and regional.

TOPCROP Australia Awards will recognise contributions made to the industry by groups of growers, in particular, and by individuals. These awards involve nominations by farmers across Australia. Their focus is on groups which have shown leadership in grain production management.

Farmers in TOPCROP groups, instance, will be eligible for monitoring and evaluating crop production systems in their drive for sustainable profitability.

Judges will look for leadership and top performances by groups of growers - in particular, those who are setting new benchmarks for the industry. Leadership for the industry involves more than growing the highest yielding crops. TOPCROP judges will look for the contribution being made by groups of growers towards setting new levels in grains industry best practice.

Regional awards (western, northern and southern grains regions) will be presented early in 1996 - followed by a national TOPCROP Australia Award announcement in March.

While the TOPCROP awards have a different focus to the Golden Grower Competition there is a partnership between the two industry awards systems. The Golden Grower Competition, for instance, will recognise individuals who monitor their crops by using TOPCROP principles, rewarding the growers whose management techniques are the closest to the recognised 'best practice' for their chosen category of wheat.

The TOPCROP Awards will honour achievements in new levels of grains industry best practice being set by growers themselves.

For nomination forms, contact TOPCROP facilitators in your state on the list below. Or mail/fax the return coupon to Australian Grain magazine and a TOPCROP representative will contact you.

Golden Grower Competition

Crop: Wheat (Prime Hard, Hard, Noodle varieties, Soft Wheat, Australian Premium White).

Award: Individual growers/usually husband and wife, farming families.

Method: Golden Grower work-sheets (based on TOPCROP cards).

Focus: Management techniques, yield + quality.

Prize: Five couples win 12-day guided study tours of North America.

Sponsors: AgrEvo,AWB, GRDC, Australian Grain magazine, TOPCROP.

TOPCROP Australia Awards

Crops/Practices: Cereals, Pulses, Canola, Rotations, Water Use Efficiency, Outstanding Industry Contribution.

Award: Groups of growers (represented by outstanding individuals nominated by these groups).

Method: TOPCROP check cards - developed for all states, and group booklets.

Focus: Grower groups setting and achieving industry-leading benchmarks in crop production.

Criteria: See the article.

Award Levels: Regional and national.

Prize: Regional awards. Also an overseas study tour for a farming couple with Australian Grain.

Sponsors: GRDC, Australian Grain magazine, the Australian Wheat Board, the Academy of Grain Technology, Ground Cover, and individual state sponsors.

TOPCROP Australia contacts

WA Janelle Gibson phone 08 9622 6171 fax 08 9622 1902

SA Jay Cummins phone 08 8842 3900 fax 08 8842 3175

Vic. Margaret Evans phone 03 5430 4444 fax 03 5448 4982

NSW David Doyle phone 067 631 100 fax-061-631222

Qld Mike Cahill phone 076 881 270 fax 076 881 199

Tas. Geoff Dean phone 03 6336 5444 fax 03 6336 5395

Other awards to consider for next year

Legume Award for Excellence: innovation award for farmers who make an outstanding contribution in the production, processing or marketing of legumes.

Awarded in April. Closing date mid-September. For information contact: Ian Maling ph 08 93801851; fax 08 9380 1140 at the Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture.

Meadow Lea National Canola Awards: contact Meadow Lea Advisory Centre ph 02 9700 6400 for details.