Rust resistant 'son of Lawson'

Following concern about the rust resistance of new winter wheats Lawson and Paterson under some growing conditions, breeders at CSIRO Plant Industry have pulled a 'rabbit out of the hat' with a new contender, Gordon.

Gordon is more rust-resistant than Paterson and is resistant to current strains of stem, leaf and stripe rust, according to Jim Davidson of CSIRO Plant Industry.

Dr Davidson said Gordon ranks equal to or better in rust resistance than current varieties Banks, Rosella, Vulcan, Meering and Dagger.

According to the Australian Wheat Board, which licenses cropping the new winter wheats, Gordon will be sold next season to growers in the northern and central tablelands of NSW and some areas of South Australia. In the following year it will be available in all long-season growing areas and irrigation areas.

Contact: AWB Winter Wheat Program 1800054433