Cereal rust corner with Professor Bob McIntosh

Rusted stems of varieties (left to right): Lawson, Paterson, Declic, More, Muchmore, Rosella, Currawong and Warbler. The upper set were infected with the Paterson pathotype. The last three varieties are resistant. The lower set were infected with a Rosella pathotype. The second and last two varieties are resistant.

Update: Long-season winter wheats

The cultivation of long-season winter wheats in higher-rainfall areas continues to raise concern about the increased risk of stem rust.

Varieties grown in these regions include red-grained Dedic, Lawson, Paterson and More and white-grained Currawong, Kelalac, Muchmore, Rosella and Warbler.

Only Currawong, Rosella and Warbler are resistant or moderately resistant to current pathotypes.

Paterson is susceptible to a pathotype that was present in 1996 and autumn 1997. A new variety, Gordon, that combines the resistances of Paterson and Rosella, is now available.

If the long-season wheat industry is to expand, every effort must be made to promote the exclusive use of resistant varieties. Gordon is a further step in this direction.

Rust surveys during 1997 indicated extremely low levels of all three cereal rust diseases across eastern Australia. In Western Australia, there were problems with both leaf rust and stem rust on wheat.