Faba beans broaden options

Farmers at the Faba Bean Technical Workshop at Cowra, NSW, inspect a one-pass tillage machine developed by NSW Agriculture. The machine was designed to remove compaction layers and is ideal to use before sowing faba beans, a relatively new crop in southern NSW.

Leigh Jenkins, TOPCROP development officer at Temora, says growers view faba beans as a profitable crop that can be an alternative legume in a rotation, "Growers are replacing lupins and field peas with faba beans," Ms Jenkins said. "They still get the nitrogen fix that's needed, along with yield and profit benefits."

"With faba beans, the seed must be sown at the right time, to the right depth, in the right soil and with the right inoculation."

Growers were very interested in appropriate stubble and tillage practices and in modifying combine and air seeders to sow faba beans into stubble.