New Lupin Mill


A new mill is in the market for lupin deliveries. The mill, recently established in Cootamundra, NSW, by M.C. Croker Pty Ltd, last year processed 10,000 tonnes of lupins.

"Wonga looks very, very good," said M.C. Croker general manager Greg Carroll. " All reports indicate a potential to out-yield everything else."

The Cootamundra mill uses narrow-leafed lupins to blend into stockfeed. The milling process results in a meal with a high protein level — 35-37 per cent.

Agronomic benefits from lupin

Lupins may not have been the 'flavour of the month' in recent years because of low returns compared to canola and other crops. But as Wagga agronomist Steve Sutherland points out, as a first crop after pasture lupins offer several advantages over other non-cereal crops.

"Lupins not only help with cereal disease management but also greatly help in weed management," Mr Sutherland said. "Being a legume, lupins need no applied nitrogen and they are tolerant of acid soils. Lupins also perform very well when direct-drilled, and a good range of herbicides can be used to control weeds in the fallow before lupins are planted."