TOPCROP proving its worth

Most farmers taking part in the 17 TOPCROP groups now meeting in South Australia have reported improvements in their crops. Robin Short (above) says TOPCROP puts farmers a step ahead in farm management. Richard Wood (left) consults a TOPCROP evaluation chart. SA farmers pay $130 for their first paddock-monitoring kit and $100 per paddock after that.

Malt Check

South Australian barley growers are pilot-testing a new TOPCROP Malt Check program.

The program is modelled on the current TOPCROP monitoring system but encourages groups to concentrate on a crop-specific monitoring package. It emphasises best practice and local knowledge.

Malt Check has been developed within an industry partnership arrangement with input from the South Australian Research and Development Institute, the University of Adelaide, the Australian Barley Board, Ken Holden Consulting and Primary Industries South Australia.

The program will be formally released to TOPCROP groups in 1998.