What's in a name?

Terminology in relation to tillage practices varies around Australia. A consensus of opinion among Australian agronomists and researchers indicates that 2-3 cultivations prior to sowing are not considered excessive, and may even constitute minimum or reduced tillage in NSW and Victoria.

Terminology used for conservation farming
Sowing practiceTerminology by region
No prior cultivationWANSW, Vic, SAQld
No inter-row disturbanceNo tillDirect-drill (narrow points)Zero till, direct-drill
Full inter-row disturbanceDirect-drillDirect-drill (full disturbance)Zero till (wide points)
Prior cultivationWANSW, Vic.SAQld
1ConventionalMinimum tillageMinimum tillageMinimum tillage
2ConventionalMinimum tillageReduced tillageReduced tillage
3Reduced tillageConventionalConventional

NOTE: In the northern region, many summer croppers use 'minimum till' to mean heliothis control by a tillage operation after harvest/ picking during winter.

Region North, South, West