Big niche in fish diets

A selection of Australian grains and pulses used to replace fish meal in aquaculture diets.

Researchers are finding that silver perch thrive on experimental diets with a high content of Australian-grown pulses.

NSW Fisheries researcher Geoff Allan said silver perch did as well or better on a diet containing lupins and field peas compared with a control diet containing more fish meal and soybean meal — and tasted just as good. juvenile silver perch also did well on experimental diets where up to 50 per cent of a control diet was replaced with de-hulled lupins.

Dr Allan said increased world demand for seafood could only be met by aquaculture, and Asia would need an estimated 2.6 million tonnes of fish feed by the year 2000. Pulses have the potential to replace at least some of the fish meal in aquaculture diets.

"This represents a great market opportunity for pulse growers," Dr Allan said.

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