Wish List

Bruce Eyres, West Kulin, WA/ 3,639 hectares sheep meat, wheat, lupins, oats, wool: tall lentil varieties suitable for WA wheatbelt conditions and able to be harvested by existing, conventional machinery (believes there have been some grown in New Zealand but access to Australian growers has been limited); soft wheat variety breeding; inexpensive on-farm storage (e.g. roof over cement bunkers) facilities for large tonnages other than in silos.

Greg Paynter of 'Tarewinnabar', Goondiwindi, Qld/ 612 hectares of sharefarmed organic wheat, rye, fenugreek, sorghum, mungbeans, soyabeans, Koala lablab and red Caloona cowpeas:more research into organic farming systems with regard to: weeds (soil conditioners and indicators) and their control by correcting soil nutrient imbalances; the effects of fungicides and herbicides on the soil's 'web of life' and hence the soil's ability to uptake nutrients; the relationship of soil energy levels and plant tissue sugar levels, and its effects on plant health and predation by insects and other pathogens.

Daryl Burdett, Hopetoun, Vic./ 300 mm annual rainfall, 1,000 hectares of cereals, grain legumes and oilseeds: varieties which can cope with an early finish to beat the frosts.

Evan Moll of 'Elderslie', Gerogery, NSW/ 440 hectares of seed for sub-clover, medics, canola, peas, lupin and other pulses: research into varieties and agronomy for lupins as a fairly recent crop in NSW.