Development plan for organic farmers

The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) has commissioned a development plan for Australia's organic farmers. It's aimed at optimising the profitability of organic production for domestic and overseas markets.

According to consultant Ewan Colquhoun who prepared the action plan, aimed at developing a cohesive industry with government support, this sector now has an excellent shot at establishing Australia as a leader in organic production, which offers tremendous opportunities worldwide.

Key issues identified in the report include: industry unity and cohesion; research and development; one certification organisation; common national specifications and standards; promotion and marketing; and government endorsement and support.

The report, Australian Organic Industry Development, is available from RIRDC 02 6272 4819, cost $10.

Contact: Mr Ewan Colquhoun, Macarthur Consulting 07 3831 7330