Lost in Space guide through GIS world

Cover of the book Lost in Space

Some of the latest geographic information systems (GISs) and computer-mapping software can leave users lost at times. Lost in Space, a new reference booklet from the Cooperative Research Centre for Soils and Land Management, may provide the guide you need.

Targeted to the non-specialist user of spatial information in research and land management, Lost in Space provides a detailed explanation of concepts involved in spatial data, making maps, and precision farming. The booklet also provides case studies such as mapping the distribution of risk factors like sodic and acid soils. It is liberally illustrated and provides a useful glossary of precision farming jargon.

Lost in Space, 24 pages, full colour, available from selected government bookshops (see contacts below) for $10.

CONTACTS: CRC for Soils and Land Management 08 8303 8414

South Australia: Jan Ward, PERSA, 1800 356 446

NSW: Novelle Hasling, NSW Agriculture, 02 6391 3433

Queensland: Geoff Bock, DPI Publications, 07 3239 3733

Victoria: Simon Spivak, NRE Information Centre, 03 9637 8080

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