PASTURES UNDER RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT Growers' agenda dictates priorities

NAPLIP members on Neil Wegener's property at Brigalow

Annual funding of $7 million and support from the GRDC, the International Wool Secretariat and state and Commonwealth governments are underwriting a farmer-driven research effort to coordinate pasture research with the aim of improving the nitrogen fertility of soils.

The National Annual Pasture Improvement Program (NAPLIP) is a cooperative venture between state agriculture departments, CSIRO Tropical Agriculture in Queensland and the Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture (CLIMA) in Western Australia. Their mission is to understand and satisfy the needs of farmers by incorporating well-adapted legumes into farming systems suited to different regions.

The program will investigate the broad spectrum of pasture options available — the temperate, the sub-tropical, tropical and alternative ley pastures.

NAPLIP is "demand-driven" and based on knowing the real needs of graingrowers and wool producers. Farmers form a majority on NAPLIP's Industry Linkage Group, which provides market advice and recommendations.

GRDC Pastures Program Manager Keith Alcock said: "Farmers at the farm level will manage the process, commission surveys and monitor the systems."

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