So they said...from recent visits to flour mills in Asia and Egypt

Breeders discuss quality requirements for yellow alkaline noodles at Heng Seng Noodles Factory, Bangkok (Iain Barclay, is centre shot with blue T-shirt).

Breeding wheats for export: "It really brings home that one needs to consider the national perspective, as breeding for one area does not immediately transfer to another region" — Iain Barclay, wheat breeder with Agriculture WA. Asian flour millers "recognised that breeders are in a position to create the ideal wheat for them".

Praising the AWB presence in Egypt: "Customer service attributes are clearly present under the current Australian wheat marketing system, not to mention the reputation that Australia will always come through on the goods" — Esperance district graingrower and South East Premium Wheat Growers Association President Chris Roberts.

On the Asian noodle market: "The Australian Premium White grade is proving a winner. By having a free-milling, hard-grained wheat at a minimum protein level, Australia can compete aggressively and find niches" — Steve Trevenen, Cereal Program Manager, Agriculture WA.