Triticorp Food Products: the recipe for success

Plant breeder Kath Cooper testing a triticale loaf at the Minnipa field days in SA.

First combine the necessary ingredients: the initiative of a group of graingrowers; the experience of a progressive flour milling company; and the expertise and enthusiasm of a committed triticale breeder.

Mix well. The result: the rising potential for triticale to be baked into loaves, buns, biscuits and other flour-based produ

The growers are from the southern mallee of South Australia where this wheat-rye cross grows well. It produces high yields (as it does in other parts of Australia) and is also regarded as valuable disease-break crop.

To maximise market and price opportunities for their triticale grain and triticale-based products, the growers have formed Triticorp Food Products Pty Ltd with Lameroo farmers Kevin O'Driscoll and Ivor Miegel as chairman and secretary respectively.

The growers say the demand for triticale from the animal feed sector is high, particularly from the dairy industry where it has found a real niche in recent years.

But Triticorp is intent on breaking into the higher-priced human food market. Members say the taste of triticale is unique — a really nutty, sweet flavour.

Triticorp has employed a Melbourne-based consultant who is promoting the use of triticale flour among bakers, especially those associated with specialty products.

Wholemeal, dark and light flours have been produced by Laucke Flour Mills of Strathalbyn, whose managing director Mark Laucke agrees with the Lameroo growers about the taste and qualities of triticale.

Mr Laucke said triticale lacks consumer recognition but — "We have been successfully producing and marketing flour-based products in a Variety Pack for home bread-making. We know that triticale can make a very acceptable loaf of bread. The next Variety Pack will include a triticale wholemeal and we hope that this direct-marketing approach will encourage a wider consumer appreciation of triticale."

The third member of the triticale 'triumvirate' is GRDC-supported plant breeder Kath Cooper of the University of Adelaide.

When she is not making new triticale crosses or releasing new varieties, Dr Cooper can often be found at field days up to her elbows in triticale flour, preparing biscuits and other products for hungry field day visitors. She has produced The Australian Triticale Cooking Book.

The latest triticale, Treat, is undergoing seed build-up prior to commercial release.

Among other traits, it has a heavier and more attractive grain than current varieties plus another improvement — a 5 per cent advantage for flour milling over contemporary varieties.

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