Tying weed management to farming systems

Two of the GRDC's most successful moves to coordinate research between state agricultural departments and scientific organisations may soon link up themselves.

And such a linkage could see successes achieved in one of them — a five-year, one million dollar quest for integrated weed management in Australia's northern grains region — offered to growers through the GRDC's three big farming systems projects.


The GRDC is investing more than $9 million in five-year programs to develop sustainable rotations and cropping practices for:

  • the more marginal cropping areas of south-west Queensland and north-west NSW
  • the more favoured areas of south-east Queensland and north-west NSW
  • Central Queensland.

The weeds project involves scientists from NSW Agriculture, the University of New England and Queensland's Department of Primary Industries, working together on different aspects of weeds research.

Its five modules are:

  • adoption of selective spraytopping for enhanced wild oat control
  • monitoring weed populations in long-term tillage rotation experiments
  • on-farm monitoring of weed management practices
  • development of integrated weed management systems for chickpeas
  • reducing the reliance on herbicides in winter cereal farming systems.

Program(s) 3.3.1

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