New variety gets top marks 10/10

A new Australian durum wheat is a winner with major Italian and South Australian pasta manufacturers.

Trials have shown Tamaroi to have "good to excellent" commercial processing characteristics that will command premium prices.

Tamaroi was especially bred for South Australian and Western Australian conditions. It will give growers a premium wheat with a 10-20 per cent yield advantage over the present variety Yallaroi, which it is expected to replace in the 1998 season.

Ray Hare, working under the National Durum Wheat Improvement Program at NSW Agriculture's Tamworth Centre for Crop Improvement, bred the new variety. Its release comes after nine years of GRDC-supported research by Dr Hare and Tony Rathgen of the University of Adelaide.

Next year, South Australian growers can purchase good quality commercial seed from the Durum Growers' Association of South Australia. (All this year's stocks of Tamaroi were sold very quickly.)

In Western Australia the variety is being seed-increased, and should be available next year.

Program 1.6.1 Contact: Dr Ray Hare 02 6763 1100 Dr Tony Rathgen ph 08 8303 7216