Pulses: all you need to know

The latest Update for the Grain Legume Handbook is hot off the press.

The Handbook targets growers, agronomists, advisers and others in the pulse industry, both in Australia and overseas.

Now in its 6th edition (since 1987), the Handbook has become required reading. Its contents are kept relevant by reviews of key sections every two years.

Production, updating and circulation are by an SA-based industry group chaired by Hydro Agri. Aust. agronomist Barry Bull, with administration by farmer Helen Day of Riverton. Printing costs of the Updates are offset by support from farmers through the GRDC.

The Handbook has more than 150 pages with 183 colour plates, produced in loose-leaf, ring-binder format so that information can be changed and kept relevant.

Ten sections cover grain legumes, varieties, seeding, nutrition, herbicides, insect identification and control, disease identification and control, chemical applications, harvesting, and the use of grain legumes.

Feature crops are field peas, faba beans, lupins, chickpeas, lentils and vetch.

Mrs Day said the latest Update covered revised gross margins, new varieties, a complete revision of the nutrition section, new colour plates, revised chemical charts and disease and insecticide charts, and a revised and extended chemical compatibility chart and new harvesting information.


For the complete Handbook, including the 1998 Update:

$47.50 if in SA, or $50 for those in other states, including postage and handling.

For the 1998 Update alone:

$6.00 to cover postage and handling.


Grain Legume Handbook Box 90, Riverton SA 5412 phone 08 8528 5273 fax 08 8528 5310