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Eight new crop varieties were released in WA in August. They were bred, with support from growers through the GRDC, at Agriculture Western Australia and the Cooperative Research Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture.

Heading the lineup are Tanjil (see page 1), an Anthracnose-resistant, narrow-leafed lupin, and two high-yielding wheats Ajana and Camm (agronomic profiles p5).

Also debuting are Doolup, a feed barley suited to low- and medium-rainfall areas, and Needilup, a tall dwarf oat with superior feed quality.

On the pulse front, Chalus, a high-yielding, high-quality Lathyrus cicera (field pea) variety for low- and medium-rainfall areas, is a first for WA.

The lineup is completed with the first red lentil varieties bred in the State: Cumra, a high-yielding and high-quality red lentil for low-rainfall areas, and Cassab, a similarly billed red lentil also suitable for medium-rainfall areas.

Ground Cover will present more on the new varieties of barley, oats and pulses in the next issue.