Challenge yourself with soilmapping

Knowing where, how and when to sample is essential to producing useful soil-test results.

You can improve your soil-sampling skills and play at the same time with an interactive CD-ROM-based game called SOILMAPPER. SOILMAPPER has been developed by Kim Bryceson and her team at the Cooperative Research Centre for Soil and Land Management, using the latest spatial mapping tools.

"The object of the game is to gather the most accurate information for the least cost," says Dr Bryceson. "More samples will increase costs but improve accuracy, leading to better and more costeffective management decisions."

Supported by a comprehensive online help guide and printed manual, SOILMAPPER could be a fun way to learn about the impact of spatial variability and good soil-sampling practice.

SOILMAPPER can be purchased from:

SA and WA: Ian Ward, PIRSA Bookshop, ph 1800 356 446

NSW and Tas.: Novelle Hasling, NSW Agriculture,

ph 02 63913433

Vic: Simon Spivak, NRE Information Centre, ph 03 9637 8080

QLD: Geoff Bock, DPI Publications, ph 07 3239 3773