Making pulses part of Australia's daily diet

Author Nancy Longnecker has a Passion for Pulses

Coming to a leading bookstore near you in March, Passion for Pulses — a feast of beans, peas and lentils from around the world shows busy people how to easily incorporate pulses into their daily diet through more than 150 delicious, healthy and proven recipes.

This innovative Australian cookbook also aims to help graingrowers sell more pulses by boosting local consumption of beans, peas, lentils, lupins and chickpeas.

Here you'll find sweet and savoury recipes from around the world, from favourites such as hommos, dhal and chilli con carne to the more exotic Brazilian croustade, lentil tom kha soup and a crab and chickpea curry.

Busy people will welcome the tips for shortcut preparation of pulses and there are hints for shopping for and the storage of pulses. If in doubt, there's also information about what pulses are and why they are so important to include in the daily diet.

Supported by growers through the GRDC, the book was compiled by Nancy Longnecker from the Cooperative Research Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture (CLIMA).

Dr Longnecker said most Australians don't know what pulses are or how to incorporate them easily into their diet. Passion for Pulses makes the explanation painless and tempting.

"Australia has one of the lowest consumption rates of pulses anywhere in the world; we each consume an average of around one kilogram of pulses a year compared with four or five in the USA and the UK, and more than 16 kilos a year in Brazil.

"Given that pulses are cheap, relatively easy to prepare, delicious and highly nutritious, it makes sense to encourage Australians to eat more."

Passion for Pulses — a feast of beans, peas and lentils from around the world compiled by Nancy Longnecker; published by Tuart House (an imprint of University of Western Australia), 1999. Cost: $24.95 + $8 p&h. Orders: ph 1800 11 0044, fax 1800 00 99 88 (both toll-free) or email