Three newcomers for the north

Graingrowers in Queensland and northern NSW will have three more wheat varieties to assess when they begin making choices for the 1999 winter cropping season.

Sunsoft98, from the University of Sydney's Plant Breeding Institute in Narrabri, a northern version of Rosella, high-yielding and rust-resistant, suitable for biscuits, multipurpose flour and noodles and a rotational option for irrigated-cotton growers who cannot produce Prime Hard.

Baxter, from Queensland's Farming Systems Institute. Similar maturity to Cunningham, taller and showing better yields than Cunningham and Sunvale in numerous trials, slightly inferior to Cunningham for lodging in very high-yield situations but lodging resistance superior to that of Sunvale and Sunco. Very high tolerance to root lesion nematode and partial resistance — equal to Sunco's — to crown rot. Good alternative to Pelsart in nematode plus crown rot situations.

Kennedy, also from the Queensland program, a Hartog cross with excellent baking quality, attractive to both the quality export market and the domestic milling industry for hot bread shops. Similar to Hartog in time to flowering, yields similar to Hartog's in southern Queensland, slightly better than Hartog in northern NSW but inferior to it in Central Queensland. 'Very useful' resistance to yellow spot — greater than Hartog's but inferior to Leichhardt's — moderately tolerant to root lesion nematodes but susceptible to crown and common root rots.

Region North