Two new barley varieties


— classified as malting in WA; under review for malting status in other states:
  • a high-yielding, semi-dwarf variety best adapted to over-450mm rainfall areas
  • plumper grain than Franklin but narrower than Stirling
  • waterlogging tolerance similar to Onslow and superior to Franklin
  • resistant to barley yellow dwarf virus
  • moderate resistance to scald and powdery mildew, susceptible to spot-type net blotch
  • better straw strength than Stirling but similar head loss
  • malting quality that represents a major advance over Stirling

(See warning about scald CROP CLINIC p12 — Ed.)


— currently marketed only by the NSW Grains Board for export:

  • high-yielding, plump-grained, main-season malt variety for export markets
  • 6 per cent higher yield than Schooner and 9 per cent higher than Arapiles
  • high grain diastatic power
  • erect early growth with medium to tall straw; strength similar to Schooner
  • sowing window similar to Schooner
  • 1,000 grain weight — Wyalong 50 g, Schooner 46 g
  • moderately susceptible to leaf scald and moderately resistant to spot net blotch. Susceptible to powdery mildew, leaf rust and CCN.

Region North, South, West