Editorial: Getting the word out: WA crop updates better than ever by John Lovett

John Lovett

Devising routes to get research results to growers represents a large part of the GRDC's business. One highway is this newspaper which, according to recent surveys, is retaining its leading edge amongst grains publications. Another road, proving very popular, is the seminar/update which brings growers and advisers into direct contact with researchers who report on their findings and receive valuable feedback — a two-way street!

For instance, we've received some gratifying bouquets from Western Australia following the 1999 Crop Updates held in Perth in February. Organised by Agriculture Western Australia, with support from growers through the GRDC, the Updates attracted 500 people. About half were researchers and agronomists and the other 50 per cent were growers, industry representatives, consultants and others. Similar events have had excellent responses in other GRDC regions.

The GRDC's partnership with AgWA is typical of the way the GRDC carries out its activities around the nation. Partners for Profit is the title of our Five Year Strategic Plan and the GRDC's partnerships are fundamental to keeping the corporation on the straight and narrow. As well as partnerships with key State and Federal Government agencies the GRDC works closely with industry associations, such as Pulse Australia, and, increasingly, is building linkages with private-sector organisations.

New ventures into strategic alliances, like the Export Grains Centre Ltd in the west and 'Graingene' in the east, show that the GRDC will explore every avenue to develop investment opportunities which will help to deliver the GRDC's objective of providing the best possible returns to growers.

The GRDC was delighted to note that the Grains Council of Australia chose the title 'One Vision: Joint Action' for Grains Week '99. The GRDC's partnerships are very much part of the action in delivering our vision for a profitable, internationally competitive and ecologically sustainable Australian grains industry.

The fact that crop production remains a true 'sunrise industry' with annual productivity increases of about 4.6 per cent per annum sustained over the past decade indicates that the GRDC and its partners are on the right track.