High yields from new pea


South Australian breeders have released a new dun-type field pea designed to replace Alma, Dundale and Early Dun in all major pea-producing regions of South Australia.

The new pea, Parafield, has consistently outyielded the other varieties by 5-15 per cent in all major growing areas in NSW, Victoria, SA and WA.

Musharaf Ali and a team at the SA Research and Development Institute bred Parafield under a program supported by growers through the GRDC.

The new variety offers the following characteristics:

  • mid-season maturing, conventional-leaf dun type which flowers 10-12 days earlier than Alma and Early Dun
  • similar grain size to Dundale
  • susceptible to black spot and downy and powdery mildew.

Paramount Seeds has sole marketing rights and will have the variety on general release in 2000, although some seed may become available for 1999 sowing.

Program 2.4.2 Contact: Dr Musharaf Ali 08 8303 9483

Region North, South, West