Millennium vetch

Vetch breeder Rade Matic (left) and Peter McCormack, crops commercialisation manager with SARDI, in the rust-free Morava crop.

Commercial supplies of a new rust-resistant vetch variety are expected to be available next year.

The variety is Morava, bred by Rade Matic of the SA Research and Development Institute. He said Morava has been widely tested in three states and has proved equal in grain yields to Blanchefleur when diseases did not occur, and significantly higher when they did.

He expects it to replace the hard-seeded variety Namoi for green-manuring and also Popany and Namoi, which are unpalatable for grazing.

Morava is 7-12 days later in maturing than Languedoc and 5-10 days later than Blanchefleur.

"It should be considered as a replacement for current varieties in areas with an average rainfall above 350 mm where rust frequently occurs," Mr Matic said.

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