Thumbs up for Needilup and Doolup gourmet feed grains for WA

Two new feed grains tailored for Western Australian conditions are making the feed arena more palatable.

Agriculture WA plant breeder Reg Lance said the new feed barley variety Doolup has proved itself, on average, the highest-yielding barley in the Agriculture WA testing trials over the past three years.

Dr Lance said the variety is suited to both the low- and medium-rainfall areas and the northern high-rainfall areas of Western Australia. He said it resisted lodging better than Stirling and its grain attributes made it a very competitive feed barley.

Other characteristics: medium height, strong stiff straw, similar maturity to that of Stirling.

Needilup, a new feed oat also developed by Agriculture WA, has better feed quality than the existing variety Dalyup and is best adapted to the southern high-rainfall area.

"The new variety is less susceptible to crown rust and barley yellow dwarf virus than Dalyup," said oat project manager Dean Diepeveen.

Mr Diepeveen said improved groat per cent and oil content meant Needilup would be a superior animal feed oat.

Needilup is also later maturing and likely to be better adapted to early sowing than Dalyup.

(Doolup) Program 1.7.3 Contact: Dr Reg Lance 08 9368 3502

(Needilup) Program 2.3.3 Contact: Mr Dean Diepeveen 08 9368 3856