Up and coming grains research achievers

Five junior GRDC research fellows

Five junior GRDC research fellows, snapped comparing notes on a recent trip to Melbourne to meet the GRDC Board. Seen here from left to right:

Andrew Loch, University of Queensland. Mr Loch is researching enhanced biological control through an egg parasite of green vegetable bug which affects soybean, sunflower, sorghum and other crops in southeast Queensland and northern NSW.

Heather Way, University of Queensland. Ms Way is investigating how enhanced oxidation activity in transgenic plants may increase their disease resistance.

Olga Nicolaou, La Trobe University. Ms Nicolaou is working on the cloning of genes that function as master switches in the growth and development of plants.

Louise Rossiter, University of Sydney. Ms Rossiter is fine-tuning a rapid identification method for insecticidal resistance in the stored grain beetle pest Oryzaephilus surinamensis.

Jamie Fletcher, University of Sydney. Mr Fletcher is working on an environmentally friendly pesticide against heliothis and other pests, based on a chemical version of funnel web spider toxins.

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