Wish List

Leo Bookham, of Goschen, Vic./ 280 mm annual rainfall, 800 hectares of cereals in 1997: a grain legume that is easier to harvest than the current chickpea and field pea varieties.

Stewart Wallace of Wallbrook Farms, Esperance, WA/ 2,700 hectares of wheat, barley, lupins and canola; also sheep cattle: aphid-resistant cereal varieties to reduce the incidence of viral disease and thus cut chemical costs; more diversification in chemical application for handling chemical-resistant weeds.

Scott McCalman of Warren, NSW/ 3,000 hectares of dryland, 650 of irrigation cropping; wheat, faba beans, canola, broadleaf lupins, cotton, sorghum and millet: research into new knockdown herbicides — possibly from naturally occurring sources as promised by allelopathy — as replacements /alternatives to glyphosate. Success would relieve conservation farming's heavy reliance on glyphosate and also improve community perceptions of farming's effect on the environment. Also, varieties better adapted to conservation farming technology such as wheats with longer coleoptiles.