BIG! FREE! It's AgAccess...

Australia map, AG@Access and a document

AgAccess is a computer software package offering a range of key physical and financial performance benchmarks. The package provides farmers and industry groups with relevant, easy-to-access data for each of the GRDC agroecological zones and the ability to obtain data for 'smaller' user-defined regions.

With point and click you can define your own geographical region of interest. AgAccess, developed in cooperation with the GRDC, then generates a report that specifically applies to that region. The report contains average benchmark data, and data drawn from the top-performing farms in the selected region.

Other features include the ability to extract the report onto spreadsheets, and a list of definitions so that you can use your own data to construct similar measures to complement your other benchmarking activities. AgAccess can also produce maps for performance indicators of interest.

AgAccess was developed in-house by ABARE and is a single standalone executable file. No installation procedures are needed, no third-party geographical system is involved, and there is no cost associated with the application itself.

A copy of the program and the datafile produced for the GRDC can be accessed via the Internet sites of ABARE and GRDC at no cost, or by obtaining a copy of the CD from the GRDC.

Contact: Ms Rosalyn Bell 02 6272 2029; email: GRDC Internet site: ABARE Internet site: