Canola: The Ute Guide

Canola: The Ute Guide is a postcard-sized, ring-bound booklet which has photographs of canola disorders and characteristics associated with canola in Australia, with 183 photos in total. The Ute Guide is in the same format as the previous TOPCROP Ute Guides (weeds, cereal diseases and insects). It will, however, be the biggest Ute Guide to date. The GRDC, DOVURO and Cargill Australia sponsored the development costs.

Sections include: growth stages, diseases, nutrition, herbicide damage, weather damage, seeding, insects pests and beneficial insects, other pests, and some cruciferous weeds.

The editors are: Victoria:Denis Ballinger (DOVURO), Stephen Marcroft (AgVic) SA: Trent Potter (SARDI), Mark Stanley (PIRSA) NSW: Paul Parker (NSW Agriculture) WA: Paul Carmody (Agriculture Western Australia).

Canola: The Ute Guide will sell for $15 per copy plus $7.50 postage and handling and is available from:

Phone orders: Judy Wilkinson 08 8865 2483 Fax orders: 08 8865 2486

Mail orders: TOPCROP Distribution Centre Primary Industries and Resources 1 Fourth Street SNOWTOWN SA 5520