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Grower Alan Johnston of 'Longlands', Naradhan, central NSW, with children Royce (left) and Cherice and their calf, 'Bobby

Growers Kerrie and Alan Johnston of 'Longlands' wanted more detail on how their farm was going financially. They discovered BizCh'eck through their TOPCROP group and haven't looked back.

They farm at Naradhan near Rankin's Springs in central NSW. "We knew we were doing all right," says Mrs Johnston, "But we've found that we are now able to set some real long-term goals. We also know how to better allocate finances to the different farm enterprises, and how to be a bit more efficient in the way we do things."

They were surprised when they started adding up the time they were spending on their livestock work, and compared it to the time spent on the much more profitable cropping enterprise.

"Alan didn't know he had been spending so much time on sheep work," says Mrs Johnston. "It was a bit of a shock for all of us."

They were also surprised to find that the cost of producing their crops was as low as it was. In fact, they worked out it was not much different to the costings for running their livestock enterprises.

"We expect costs to improve even more as we move more into no-till farming. Cropping really is a very profitable enterprise for us."

Information at hand

Using information they already have to collate for tax purposes, as well as some extra physical information about the farm, Mrs Johnston says that the time spent on answering the BizCheck questions was well worth it.

"For us, the main benefit has been that we can analyse our different enterprises. You can also compare your results to the district averages. We really want to compare our own performance now to our performance in other years. For us that is the real mark of improvement."

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