Conservation farmers guide to fallow weed management

Weed control is one of the big challenges for growers moving into minimum-till management.

The Fallow Weed Management Guide — 1999, just released by Conservation Farmers Inc. (CFI), aims to pass on to new minimum-till growers some of the tricks of the trade.

The guide is the culmination of industry discussions about the change of weed spectrum under minimum and zero-till management. It's a user-friendly guide for northern region farmers, agronomists and service providers, produced by CFI in collaboration with DPI Farming Systems Institute, private-sector agronomists, the agro-chemical industry and, most importantly, farmers themselves.

In the Fallow Weed Management Guide you'll find:

  • a table of the latest chemical registrations
  • product label data
  • a weed glossary
  • information about surfactants and tank-mixing compatibilities
  • illustrated farmer case studies and advice on 16 weeds considered to be the most difficult to control under current herbicide and management strategies, across the northern farming systems of NSW and Queensland.

Farmer advice comes from northern NSW, Border Rivers, Darling Downs, Maranoa, South Burnett and Central Queensland regions. Weeds such as annual saltbush, barnyard grass, bladder ketmia, buckwheat, small-flowered mallow, melons, rhyncosia, sowthistle (or milkweed) and volunteer legume are covered in this way accompanied by excellent photographs of each weed.

Even experienced growers, like Paul Ryan of 'Springwood' near Chinchilla in Queensland, are finding value in the book.

"Although I had only a quick look through it when I first got my copy it was pretty useful when I had a bit of a milkweed problem that needed work. I expect to use it more as specific problems with weeds come up, or if there is a chemical I want to follow up on," says Mr Ryan.

The 92-page booldet is currently available through CFI for $15 plus $5 postage and handling.

Also available from CFI are the proceedings of the Second National Conservation Farming Conference, for $40 including postage and handling, or $50 which also includes the conference satchel.

Cheques should be made payable to Conservation Farmers Inc. at PO Box 1666, Toowoomba Qld 4350. Credit card payments (BC, MC and Visa) are also accepted.

Contact: Mr Ben Wilshire 07 4638 5399 or Mr Mike Burgis on 07 4638 5356

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