How early could I harvest?

Yield and quality drop in standing mature grain. Cereal above 20 per cent and sorghum above 18 per cent is tough to harvest. Harvest cereal grain at 18 per cent moisture for top yield and quality.


You'll need to dry and aerate the grain. Insects generally don't develop when the temperature is below 15°C and moisture is below 9 per cent. Mould growth is limited below 10°C and 13 per cent moisture.

Holding grain at high moisture risks mould growth.

At 14 per cent cereal grain will hold for a week.

At 18 per cent, dry immediately.

Cooling by aerating extends your holding period.


Harvest early:

  • if you farm in high-risk country;
  • if you have large areas of grain (above 300 hectares) at risk to weather damage at harvest;
  • if you're growing high-risk crops. The cost of drying and aerating for 5-10 years is about the same as one downgraded harvest.

Seek professional advice for your situation.