NEW early-season canola

Canola Field

A new early-season canola offering improved oil content and other pluses will be released this season by Agriculture Victoria.

The new line, RK7, shows a 1 per cent average oil improvement and 2 per cent meal protein content over Monty. It has also proved superior in yield and blackleg resistance.

Wayne Burton of Agriculture Victoria Horsham said that, given the damage the blackleg fungus could cause in canola, resistant varieties are a major form of protection, along with adequate rotation time. SGB-IAMA will market the new variety.

He says that between now and 2001, Agriculture Victoria will have four new varieties for release and NSW Agriculture, three. Then there are the releases to come from the private sector.

"All of these will offer a range of improvements — not only in yield but in traits like oil and protein content," Mr Burton says.

If a grower is satisfied with the performance and blackleg resistance of a canola, there is no compelling reason to change, Mr Burton says. However, he counsels growers to look closely at their soils, rainfall and farming systems and try an area of a new variety so that old and new comparisons can be made without undue risks being taken.

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