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The Year 6 'Legumaniacs'from Palmyra Primary School, Perth, WA — these students used the Bean Files in 1998 and entered the story-writing competition.

Upper primary school students across Australia can learn virtually all there is to know about the link between science and farming by accessing Bean Files on the Internet.

Conceived by the Cooperative Research Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture (CLIMA) at the University of WA and supported by graingrowers through the GRDC, the series of engrossing stories reveals life on the farm from the viewpoint of crops and livestock.

The 1999 Bean Files program offers new episodes every Monday and Tuesday on CLIMA's web site -

(Word-of-mouth reports have given this innovative program high marks - Ed.)

Schools or students wanting a Bean Files information pack should contact Krys Haq at CLIMA: tel 08 9380 7937; fax 08 9380 1140 or email: