What do you need for early harvest?

To harvest and handle grain above 15 per cent moisture, wet grain silos with steep cones are needed as well as:

  • high-capacity, hot-air rapid-drying facilities, or
  • moderate-capacity, hot-air drying facilities AND high-capacity aeration cooling facilities.

To harvest and handle grain of 13-15 per cent moisture, equipment options include:

  • moderate-capacity, hot-air drying facilities, or
  • low-capacity, hot-air drying facilities AND aeration cooling facilities, or
  • aeration drying facilities, but this is effective only if relative humidities are low.

For detailed information on drying and cooling, see:

  • Storing, Handling and Drying Grain: A Management Guide for Farms by Alan Andrews and Troy Jensen (QI 96081), a book available from DPI Client Service Centres, or
  • the Agridry Rimik Pty Ltd web site http://www.arpl.com.au.

This advice from Graham White, DPI Farming Systems Institute, and Yahya Abawi, DNR Queensland Centre for Climate Applications, presented through the GRDC Research Update seminar series.

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