Get the best of 'farmer-driven' research reports!

A great new reference manual has just been released for graingrowers, advisers, researchers and students. It is the 1999 Australian Grains Field Research Manual, containing reports of over 40 trials across Australia.

These are the best of the farmer-driven trials, handpicked and carefully edited to make a great reference book and just a plain good read.

The accompanying CD-ROM has the whole lot on disk, as well as the entire set of GRDC Research Updates (February 1999), a 30-page CSIRO article on how to design on-farm experiments, financial benchmark figures from ABARE farm survey data for each cropping region, not to mention the demo version of Cropfacts, the overview of Wheatman, a working version of PYCAL, Choices, Howwet? and a number of other useful software programs...

To order, phone Rural Connect... At a cost of only $20, it has to be the bargain of the year! Free phone 1800 110 044