They said (a few words from the visitors)

Rob McKenzie: "It's been good to see how farms are managed in a grain area which has had a run of good seasons and how the prosperity of their businesses has affected their management." Peter Schmidt. "Because of TOPCROP/Meycheck I now use more stubble retention, using two to three different sprays that I didn't use before to manage herbicide resistance better."

Brendan Ahem (Du Pont representative): "The highlights around Geraldton were the size of the operations, the limited rotations, the stage of the crops and generally the major differences in the soils compared with the Wimmera." Ian Schmidt. "The amount of herbicide they're pouring out is pretty scary."

Rob McRae: "The land was cleared so badly, and they're still doing it."

Mick Feery: "The highlight was seeing the radish problem and how it can get out of hand — we've got it at home at the moment. In the Mullewa area, they've learnt to live with it. Hopefully we can get it under control so we don't have to live with it. "We need to compare groups with net profit per mm water."

Tim Bolwell: "The sheer scale of the farms around the Geraldton area was a highlight, and the fact that they're farming sand which is used as a hydroponic system."

Adrian Schwarz: "We're looking at a system to prevent resistance on our farm, including green manuring in our rotations with vetch or medic every four to five years. We'll use vetch where the medic can't grow."