NOW AVAILABLE: On-farm testing for rain-damaged wheat

Growers can now easily separate rain-damaged wheat from non-damaged wheat within a paddock and between paddocks at harvest, thanks to a new test kit.

The kit was developed by the Quality Wheat Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), and is being marketed by Graintec Pty Ltd, based in Toowoomba. According to Graintec's Manager, Ron Leaman, "the test is suitable for rapid screening on-farm, at silo receivals, and for use as a rapid laboratory test".

This is part of a broader program at the Quality Wheat CRC to develop diagnostic tests for on-farm management of quality characteristics.

The WheatRite™ test kit helps determine pre-harvest sprouting due to rain at harvest. This enables growers to segregate the crop in the paddock.

"It takes just a few minutes to get an accurate measure of the rain damage to wheat crops using the WheatRite™ test kit, and the precision of this test is as good as, or better than the Falling Number Test," said Mr Leaman.

The current Falling Number method used to measure rain damage is suitable for use only in laboratories and some receival stations, due to the cost of equipment and the time taken for the test.

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