Grains info goes over BIG

Margaret and Lindsey Vagg work on a computer model with Tessa Lever

It really was a BIG Grain Day in Central Queensland on 18 August, when more than 200 graingrowers rolled up to the Emerald Agricultural College to devour a feast of practical and research technology.

Among them were Margaret (left) and Lindsay Vagg, of Weimby Downs, Capella, who worked through the Howwet? computer model with Biloela Farming Systems Institute technical officer Tessa Lever.

The second BIG Grain Day to be held in Queensland — the first was in Roma — the Emerald event was initiated by local farmers themselves, through their grower organisation, and supported by the GRDC and Queensland's Grain Research Foundation.

On the grower-planned agenda were presentations and demonstrations of managing grain quality, precision farming and processes, farming systems and production, chemicals and their application, and innovation in the grain business.

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