Medium-rainfall zone new balansa joins lineup

A new balansa clover is making its debut.

This is Frontier, bred by Andrew Craig of the SA Research and Development Institute. It will complement the very popular Paradana balansa clover and the recent sister line release, Bolta.

Frontier is a new option for the 350-450 mm rainfall zone and for waterlogged and moderately saline areas. Its breeder says Frontier offers diversification in traditional medic and subclover areas, increased nitrogen fixation and reduced establishment costs.

Regarding salinity, "it is earlier flowering, ensuring that sufficient seed is set before the onset of high soil salt levels in spring", said Mr Craig.

Other characteristics of Frontier include:

  • a moderate level of hard seeds
  • susceptibility to red-legged earth mite and lucerne flea but with good tolerance to clover scorch and other leaf diseases
  • showed susceptibility in the glasshouse to pasture aphids, but no significant damage yet recorded in the field.

Program 3.6.1

Contact: Mr Andrew Craig 08 8764 7419